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About Strusoft

About us

StruSoft makes life easy for building; structural design; precast concrete design and architectural engineers who work with analysis and design of buildings, structural engineering, 3D modeling, detailing, assembly, etc. We provide highly specialized software in “Structural Analysis & Design” – all essential tools for the entire building industry of construction companies, engineering firms and consulting companies. We also provide a complete BIM workflow for precast concrete businesses. Our software helps our clients saving time and money by increasing the quality, efficiency, and productivity when engineering buildings.

StruSoft’s software comes in 5 applications – FEM-Design, WIN-Statik, PRE-Stress, IMPACT, and VIP-Energy. All proprietary software packages are built upon 30 years of experience, a close corporation with our clients, and a visionary and innovative approach to structural analysis and design. The programs give users key insights and knowledge to handle complex, mission-critical building analysis & design challenges. Our hallmark is an outstanding performance in combination with the advanced but user-friendly interface. That is why 10,000+ users with 1,000+ clients in 20+ countries already are part of our community.

StruSoft has local sales and support offices in Sweden, Denmark, UK, Estonia, India, and United Arab Emirates. Headquarters is located in Sweden and development centers are further established in Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, and India. We are unique due to our commitment to provide the best service and support in every local market.


2020 - StruSoft FI branch office founded in Helsinki, Finland. StruSoft exceeds 140 employee workforce

2019 - StruSoft announces the acquisition by the industrial owner, Vind
2018 - StruSoft Group exceeds 100 employees workforce
2017 - StruSoft opens a separate office for IMPACT Business Unit in Malmö
2017 - StruSoft Philippines, branch office founded in the Philippines
2016 - StruEngineers AB, a subsidiary company founded in Sweden
2015 - StruSoft EST OÜ, a subsidiary company founded in Estonia
2015 - StruSoft Group exceeds 50 employees workforce
2014 - StruSoft opens a sales office in Turkey
2014 - StruSoft changes name from Structural Design Software in Europe AB to StruSoft AB
2013 - StruSoft Australia, a subsidiary company founded in Australia
2012 - StruSoft DK, branch office founded in Denmark
2011 - StruEngineers (India) Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary company founded in India
2009 - StruSoft UK, branch office founded in England
2008 - StruSoft FZE, sales office founded in Dubai
2006 - Purchase of own office building in Malmö (Villa Suprême)
2002 - Structural Design Software in Europe AB is founded as an independent private company
1999 - Skanska combines all computer activities including Skanska Software into Skanska IT Solutions
1997 - Skanska Kft is founded as a development company for FEM-Design in Hungary (today StruSoft Kft)
1997 - Skanska Software AB founded
1993 - Purchase of Convergensia CAD, which will be the basic platform for FEM-Design
1991 - Development of IMPACT starts
1989 - Skanska Software develops the first Microsoft Windows program (WIN-Statik) in Sweden
1986 - Skanska’s computer department establishes Skanska Software as a separate business unit
1982 - Skanska Construction starts co-operation with Arup in England regarding software for analysis and design (Oasys – basic platform for current WIN-Statik)





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