We’re more than eager to share an interview about K-Prefab’s experience with FEM-Design. Our customer, Serwat Binahri, works as a designer at K-Prefab – a leading company that produces prefabricated concrete.

Our structural engineering software, FEM-Design, helps them in their journey. Here you can read our customer’s views and experiences with FEM-Design and StruSoft.

A knowledgeable support department that’s easy to reach and provides quick answers is essential for success, says Serwat Binahri.

FEM-Design is an excellent program for designing individual structural parts, but it shines when working on larger projects and considering an overall view. You can analyse the stability and how the different parts work together.

In addition, you can make load takedowns for an entire building in a smooth way.

Of course, some prior knowledge is required to be able to use the software. StruSoft has a support team that extends over several countries, and you can quickly contact them if needed.

I had always received help with my models or projects when I needed it, which makes you feel safe as a program user. Also, you are constantly evolving in every project and problem you face.

I strongly recommend the program, as it creates a big difference both in terms of time and technology.

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K-Prehab's great experience with FEM-Design

Serwat Binahri, K-Prefab

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