FEM-Design v21 was released on 26th January 2022 and includes many brand new features, as well as significant number of improvements in all areas of the software program.

Discover some the key developments below to help improve your structural design and analysis workflow:

Export to IFC

FEM-Design v21 Release News - Export to IFC

FEM-Design can now export structural models as both editable parametric or non-parametric reference model in all major and popular IFC versions.

Snow Load Macro

FEM-Design v21 Release News - Snow Load

Climate loads has been supplemented with an advanced Snow load Macro that can automatically generate snow load according to EN1991-1-3.

Periodic Excitation

FEM-Design v21 Release News- Periodic Excitation

The dynamic calculations in FEM-Design are further expanded with a possibility to calculate periodically harmonic vibrations of dynamic effects.

Plastic Steel Bar Analysis

FEM-Design v21 Release News - Plastic Steel Bar Analysis

The post-elastic analysis and consideration of the plastic reserve of structural parts are now available for any steel cross section.

CLT Fire Design

FEM-Design v21 Release News - CLT Fire Design

The CLT panel design has been supplemented with a verification under fire conditions that is performed based on the reduced cross-section method.

Composite Column Fire Design

FEM-Design v21 Release News - Composite Column Fire Design

The design of composite columns is extended with a verification under fire conditions performed using tabular data and simplified calculation methods.

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