PRE-Stress is an advanced software for calculations of prestressed concrete elements. The different stages from the casting in the factory to the final product in the building are considered. Cracking occurred in the early stages of the element lives on throughout the calculation, affecting the calculations in the final stages. The program is based on a 2D FEM-engine for accurate numerical solutions and precise results.




Features and benefits


  • Design most types of prestressed elements. Including rectangular beams, T-beams, hollow-cores, flange-beams, normal and sloped I-beams.
  • Quick overview over all stages with utilization curves or check the numerical results according to the current code.
  • Calculate according to national codes and Eurocode with country specific annexes.
  • Fast and accurate presentation for the whole life-span of prestressed concrete elements.
  • Fire-design of concrete elements according to EN1992-2 with complementary code EN1168 for hollow-core members.



Training videos

In this training material we are showing the analysis and design of a prestressed concrete precast element, as well as fire calculations carried out in PRE-Stress 6.4. This video material included in the playlist is intended to be used along with a course material that can be found in the Documents section.