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FEM-Design - Structural Analysis Software

Powerful and intuitive modelling FEM FEA software for structural engineering analysis and design of building structures.

IMPACT | BIM Software for Precast Design & Planning

A family of advanced BIM precast software to efficiently manage, detail, produce, transport and erect concrete elements.

PRE-Stress | Design Software

PRE-Stress is an advanced software for calculations of prestressed concrete elements, including hollowcore slabs; slabs; beams; sloped beams and double tees. 


A powerful but easy to use software series for common engineering design tasks.

DIMENSION | Statik Programmer

In Danish only: Danske statik-programmer til statiske beregninger af bærende konstruktioner i henhold til EucoCode med Dansk National Annex

BIM Energy

A cloud-based simulation platform that helps to analyse a building's energy usage.


Enabling web-based file/project management and IFC viewer for the building industry.


Ett energiberäkningsprogram för dig som vill veta din byggnads energiförbrukning.

StruSoft Jigi | Structural Analysis Design Software for Finland

Jigi gives users possibility of both two and three-dimensional frame modelling, analysis & design. The essential keywords of Jigi are simplicity and efficiency.

StruSoft Portal

A gateway for easy-to-use, web-based calculation tools.