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Online Structural Calculation Tools | StruSoft Portal

Online Structural Calculation Tools are available from StruSoft to help you with every day structural calculations. These include:

  • Flexible Support;
  • Concrete Creep and Shrinkage;
  • Calculation of Glulam (glue laminated timber structures) according to the Danish national annex of Euro Code;
  • FEM-Climate;
  • Fastening Plate.

The StruSoft Portal also contains other web applications, such as:

  • BIM Energy

Find out more about each of the available applications in the StruSoft Portal by clicking on each of their Application icons below.

structural calculation tools - Flexible Support

Flexible Support

This program calculates the stresses and utilization of the hollowcore cross section due to the deflection-change of the supporting beam. The calculations are according to fib bulletin 6.


Web application to calculate the climate impact a structure exported from FEM-Design 3D Structure. Application uses Swedish government agency Boverket’s climate database.

Online Structural Calculation Tools -Fastening Plate

Fastening Plate

Fastening Plate is a web-based application for analysing and designing fastening plates according to Eurocode. Fastening Plate is developed by StruSoft AB for Pretec (Pre Cast Technology AB).

Online Structural Calculation Tools - Concrete Creep and Shrinkage

Concrete creep and shrinkage

Calculation of concrete creep and shrinkage according to Eurocode.

Online Structural Calculation Tools - Glulam


Glulam calculation program for the Danish National Annex

BIM EnergyOnline Structural Calculation Tools -

BIM Energy – Evaluation

Fast cloud-based dynamic building energy simulation software with intuitive user interface including 3D-visualisation.

Can’t find what the Online Structural Calculation Tools you require for on the Portal?

If you can’t find the Online Structural Calculation Tools you require on the Portal then you can also contact our Support Team and speak to us directly for help by clicking here.

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