FEM-Design is an advanced modeling software for finite element analysis and design of load-bearing concrete, steel and timber structures according to Eurocode. The unique user-friendly working environment is based on the familiar CAD tools what makes the model creation and structure editing simple and intuitive.  The quick and easy nature of FEM-Design makes it ideal for all types of construction tasks from single element design to global stability analysis of large structures and makes it the best practical tool for structural engineers. 
WIN-Statik is a powerful but easy to use software series for common engineering design tasks. Analysis and design of colums, beams, sections and frames are carried out according to a chosen design code. The software designs according to Eurocode standard or with national annexes.
PRE-Stress is an advanced software for calculations of prestressed concrete elements. The different stages from the casting in the factory to the final product in the building are considered. Cracking occurred in the early stages of the element lives on throughout the calculation, affecting the calculations in the final stages. The program is based on a 2D FEM-engine for accurate numerical solutions and precise results.
IMPACT is an advanced software application where users are able to design prefabricated building elements in an entire building from a three dimensional model (the Building Information Model – BIM).     Information for elements can be extracted in order to automatically generate shop drawings, assembly drawings and reports.        IMPACT has also tools for web-based project collaboration and information sharing of standard data and has an integrated planning system for transport vehicles and cast. 
VIP-Energy är ett program för beräkning av energiprestanda för byggnader. Snabbt och enkelt simuleras vad som händer med byggnaden timme för timme under ett helt år. En komplett årlig timvis beräkning tar endast några sekunder. Oavsett komplexitet. Det innebär att det går snabbt att testa olika förändringar.
IMPACT Reinforcement is an application to model and schedule rebar in AutoCAD. Smart objects   IMPACT Reinforcements smart objects contain all necessary information to define rebar including bar mark, shape code, leg lengths, end hooks and material. Quantities are calculated automatically from distribution lines and spacing. Depending on view direction and bar settings, the bars are shown as easily read symbolic representations according to standard, but can also be displayed as 3D solids. Drawing tools such as bar from polyline and surface reinforcement make rebar drafting quick and easy. Variable leg lengths and running length bars are also handled.         Easy schedules With rebar defined as smart objects, schedules can be created with the push of a button. Customizable layout and data extraction ensures consistency with company standards. Multiple dwg files can be connected to share bar mark definitions and allows for common scheduling across several drawings. For large projects, schedules can be filtered on any bar data, such as construction part or cast phase for easier call-off. Rebar data can be exported to xml and bvbs or saved directly to Celsa Steelservice’s QR web schedule service.