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WIN-Statik is an easy to use software package for common engineering design tasks like colums, beams, plane frames, base plates, retaining walls, sections etc.

The program designs according to Eurocode standard or with national annexes and has been in use for more than 30 years.

WIN-Statik includes the following programs:

  • Concrete Beam
  • Concrete Column
  • Concrete Corbel
  • Concrete Section
  • Foundation
  • Frame Analysis
  • ISY Design Steel
  • Masonry Design
  • Punching
  • Retaining Wall
  • Settlement

Find out more about the available programs in WIN-Statik on the Programs tab.

The programs included in the WIN-Statik package are the following:

Concrete Beam

Analysis and design of continuous concrete beams in the ultimate- and serviceability limit state.

Concrete Column

Columns or walls are calculated in the Ultimate Limit State considering instability with the stiffness or the curvature method. Stresses are checked and crack width calculated in the Serviceability Limit State.

Concrete Corbel

Check of adequate geometry and design of required main- and secondary reinforcement for concrete corbels.

Concrete Section

A design of required reinforcement or a check of specified reinforcement for a number of cross-section are performed for the ultimate limit state and also checked regarding stresses and crack widths for the serviceability limit state.


Analysis and design of stiff rectangular base plates for the ultimate- and the serviceability limit state.

Frame Analysis

Plane structures with arbitrary geometry can be analyzed according to the 1st or 2nd order theory.

Masonry Design

Design of different types of masonry walls, un-reinforced as well as with horizontal and/or vertical reinforcement and masonry columns, beams and arches.


Punching check for slabs supported by interior, edge and corner columns. Possible shear reinforcement as bent-down bars or links is designed on the users’ choice.

Retaining Wall

Analysis and design of T- and L-shaped retaining walls for the ultimate- and the serviceability limit state.


Settlement is a stand alone program to calculate the soil consolidation.

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