In the competitive realm of precast concrete manufacturing, efficiency and precision are paramount. For Thomas Praefab, a leading company in the precast industry, achieving these goals has been made significantly easier with the implementation of the IMPACT Precast Software for design, production, and project management. David Habib, Project Manager at Thomas Praefab, sheds light on how IMPACT has revolutionized their operations.

David Habib, who initially began his journey at Thomas Praefab in the drawing room, has steadily progressed to the position of a Project Manager. His role involves overseeing numerous projects, and IMPACT has become an indispensable tool in managing them effectively. Previously relying on AutoCAD for design, the integration of IMPACT has significantly enhanced their workflow.

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From AutoCAD to IMPACT: A Paradigm Shift in Design and Planning

Prior to integrating the IMPACT Precast Software into their workflow, Thomas Praefab relied on AutoCAD for design and planning. The transition to IMPACT marked a significant shift in their approach, allowing the company to move beyond conventional methods and embrace a more streamlined and efficient process.

Gone are the days of drawing lines in AutoCAD. IMPACT Precast Software has provided Thomas Praefab with a comprehensive solution for design, enabling them to create intricate precast designs with precision and speed. The transition has empowered the team to expedite the design phase, resulting in faster project timelines and improved design accuracy.

Efficient Production Management with IMPACT

Beyond design, Thomas Praefab leverages IMPACT Precast Software to streamline their entire production cycle. The software allows the company to manage production effectively, optimizing the allocation of resources and ensuring a seamless manufacturing process. By using a minimal number of licenses for planning and transport, the company achieves remarkable efficiency, showcasing the power and versatility of IMPACT.

Unleashing the Power of Modern Tools

David Habib and his team at Thomas Praefab embrace modern tools and technologies to stay ahead in the competitive precast industry. IMPACT Precast Software aligns with their forward-thinking approach, providing an all-encompassing solution that caters to their design, production, and project management needs.

Through this integration, Thomas Praefab has not only enhanced their efficiency but has also elevated the quality and precision of their precast products. The software has become an indispensable asset, allowing them to meet the demands of complex projects while adhering to tight schedules.

Meet David Habib: Project Manager at Thomas Praefab

First and foremost, we would like to thank David for spending the time to give us a deeper insight into how IMPACT plays a role at Thomas Praefab – and how it helps his daily work as Project Manager.

It’s always exciting to hear how IMPACT is being used, as it’s a comprehensive piece of software, so it’s not always possible to compare 1:1.

We spoke to David earlier this month, and these are highlights of what he had to say about their use of IMPACT.

“The advantages of IMPACT are multifaceted,” David explains. “As a project manager, it allows me to comprehensively manage all our projects through a centralized database, presenting elements in 3D and offering a clear overview of their progress.”

One of the standout features for David is the ability to color-code elements in IMPACT, providing a visual representation of their stage in the production process.

“I can easily track and monitor the progress, whether they have been cast, delivered, or at any other stage of production,” he notes.

This feature enhances the efficiency and transparency of their production line. Also the integration of IMPACT with AutoCAD has been a game-changer for Thomas Praefab. David emphasizes,

“Before IMPACT, we solely relied on AutoCAD. The integration is a clear advantage, saving us considerable time and effort in generating element drawings and strengthening our work processes.”

Scalability is a critical factor in any software, and IMPACT stands out in this aspect. David mentions,

“IMPACT is scalable and adapts effortlessly to project demands. Whether it’s a small-scale project or a massive undertaking, IMPACT has proven sufficient for our needs.”

Post-project completion, calculating materials used is a crucial step, and IMPACT simplifies this process for Thomas Praefab. David elaborates,

“We can effortlessly extract the necessary data for a comprehensive overview of the materials used, a huge advantage for our planning and analysis, and provides a significant advantage for an overall project overview”

Furthermore, David appreciates the exceptional support offered by IMPACT.

“The support team is always accessible and responsive, providing effective solutions to any internal challenges we face. Effective communication with the support team is instrumental in optimizing our use of the software.”

Picture from IMPACT - Status of precast elements shown in colours

In conclusion, IMPACT Precast Software has seamlessly integrated into Thomas Praefab’s daily operations. David sums it up by saying, “IMPACT is a tool cherished by all my colleagues and remains an integral part of our daily work.

Its seamless integration with AutoCAD enhances our work processes, making it an indispensable part of our daily operations. Together with AutoCAD, IMPACT provides a solid foundation for our internal processes, ensuring we deliver with the precision and efficiency necessary in our industry.”

The success of Thomas Praefab with IMPACT serves as an inspiring example for the precast concrete manufacturing sector, demonstrating the power of modern tools in achieving optimal efficiency and productivity.

Again, a huge thanks to David for his time, and we look forward to many years of future cooperation. We are very grateful for this cooperation and trust!

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