In FEM-Design Structural Analysis software Non-linear behaviour is possible to consider for supports (e.g. uplift), connections and truss members (e.g. tension-only). The analysis where this is included are in Load combinations, Imperfections and Stability.

But often our Support are asked the question:

“Why do I get tension where there should be no tension?

Non-linear effects

Figure 1. Analysis types that include non-linear effects

To activate non-linear effects, tick the “NLE” checkbox at Calculations > Analysis > Load combinations > Setup by load combinations.

Activating non-linear effects

Figure 2. How to activate non-linear effects

Since these boundary condition non-linearities are not in effect for the results of Load cases, non-linear results must be viewed in Load combinations.

Load cases

Figure 3. Non-linear support not in effect in Load cases

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