Support for FEM-Design and WIN-Statik, gets a very high rating from our Users. We continuously measure if our customers are satisfied with the support and recently we did a compilation where the support received a very high rating from the users. A whopping 98% were satisfied!

In this article, Support Manager for FEM-Design and WIN-Statik, Joakim Carlberg, explains how we help Users with in their calculation work.

How does this work?

The user submits a support case on our portal and once we have answered the case, a questionnaire is automatically sent out.

How does the User get access to Support?

The easiest way to reach the portal is through our Support Website or by clicking Support in the Program’s start menu. There you write your question and can also attach a picture to illustrate the problem.

The Portal also includes a knowledge guide.

When typing in your problem in the subject box, the portal searches and suggests articles and texts that can be helpful. If it would be difficult for the user to summarize their question in a few words and need to explain in more detail, then there is a possibility for that as well. The support can use screen sharing and remote control in TeamViewer. The user explains and the support provides direct guidance so that the calculation work can continue.

Quick response within the hour

The topics vary greatly in the submitted questions, ranging from the function and application of the programme to more technical queries.

How long is the response time? 

The user will receive a response within an hour, when the question requires deeper investigation from our side and maybe involve the developers of the programs, then it takes longer. Users are very grateful and happy that they receive a quick response from our support.

Super satisfied designer at WSP

Support works great!

says WSP Designer, Farshid Green. He remembers two events when he needed advice and guidance:

In a project, it was important to export data from the center of a wall, which was a rather tricky task. They referred me to one of their employees at StruSoft. I was helped to access the wall’s data by using Grasshopper and I was then able to solve the task and move forward. In another case, Farshid wanted to deepen his knowledge of a particular form of rigidity in the program. I got a technical response very quickly and I am super satisfied with the FEM-Design support!

Our support are thus well rated by the users and we are constantly developing to make it even easier to reach and get help from the support. Everything is structured so that you as a user can be productive in the shortest time and be able to continue the important calculation work through the easy to reach, go to Support in the start menu. See screenshot below.