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StruSoft makes life easy for -building, structural design- and architectural engineers who work with analysis and design of buildings, structural engineering, 3D modeling, detailing, assembly etc. We provide highly specialized software in “Structural Analysis & Design” – all essential tools for the entire building industry of construction companies, engineering firms and consulting companies. Our software helps our clients saving time and money by increasing the quality, efficiency and productivity when engineering buildings.

May 31, 2019

IMPACT precast software now compatible with BricsCAD v19

IMPACT BricsCAD Release News We are excited to announce that IMPACT, our family of BIM software for the precast industry, is now fully integrated and compatible with BricsCAD. This provides a fantastic solution for precast producers looking for a competitive CAD solution to own the precast process, from design right through to erection on-site. Several customers have already chosen to take advantage of this option, following a development process lasting around one year.   Create a 3D BIM Workflow Without Limitations BricsCAD BIM allows users to create and manage building designs in a single environment, having been first introduced by Bricsys in 2015. Bricsys are a global software provider, acquired by the Hexagon AB group in 2018. BricsCAD offers highly competitive, subscription based pricing on licences, and a range of desirable features for the creation of a full BIM workflow. This is all achieved using industry standard DWG and rapid IFC export. Fast installation and startup is combined with excellent support, maximising efficiency and productivity. Allied with advanced AI tools for propagation and classification of elements, users can create Building Information Models in record time. Own the Precast Process IMPACT is a central BIM database, working behind BricsCAD to link all the elements of a precast construction project. Real-time access for stakeholders at all levels enables greater control over time schedules, materials and accuracy. This reduces costs, increases productivity, prevents errors and conflicts. With a customised IMPACT database, customers using BricsCAD can design precast elements in 2D and 3D, with automated production drawings – including dimensions and reinforcement. In fact, IMPACT information is available on every single element designed in BricsCAD, such as lifters, statuses and planning dates.   Available elements include columns, beams, walls, floor slabs and more. These can also be linked with Revit and Tekla models. Production planning maximises efficiency throughout manufacture, from raw materials and casting, to loading and erection. To see how IMPACT can work with BricsCAD to improve your workflow look at our IMPACT Wiki page: https://wiki.impact.strusoft.com/xwiki Model and Schedule Rebar for Reinforced Concrete (RC) IMPACT Reinforcement is an application to model and schedule rebar for precast and in-situ concrete in BricsCAD. With smart objects containing all the necessary information to define rebar – including bar mark, shape code, leg lengths, end hooks, and material – you can draft quickly and create schedules at the click of a button. Quantities are calculated automatically, and bars are shown as easily read symbols or 3D solids. If you are working on large projects, multiple DWG files are easily connected for common scheduling, with filtering based on bar data for easier call off. As with all our software, IMPACT RC can be adapted to meet your individual user or company standards to achieve a consistent, unified style throughout your projects. Your rebar data can also be exported to XML and BVBS or saved directly to Celsa Steel services QR web schedule service. Design, Plan and Produce If you’re a precast producer or consultant looking for a complete BIM workflow, using market-leading software at a competitive price – look no further than IMPACT and BricsCAD. For a brief overview of what’s new in BricsCAD BIM V19, watch the video below:   If you are interested in more information or an existing IMPACT user and would like a free trial of BricsCAD please get in touch. Please click on the Get Started Now image to the right hand side and send us an enquiry.  

May 24, 2019

Kronetorp - From concept to reality with IMPACT

On a large area of farm land between Åkarp and Arlöv in Skåne county near Malmö, an exciting new residential development is underway named Kronetorp. The project will be delivered over approximately 15 years by developers Kronetorp Park AB. On completion, it will contain around 7,000 residential and rental apartments, as well as service houses, offices, bath houses and schools. This will provide the feel of small, suburban town living, with proximity to the big city. The original manor house and surrounding farm buildings date back from 1792 and will be renovated to preserve their original architecture and charm. This will eventually become the center for Kronetorp’s residents, with cafes, restaurants and small shops. Focus is on environment and long-term sustainability, making use of modern renewable energy technology.  Site Based Precast Concrete Production The developers have not only invested in the land itself, but also a small, site-based precast factory. This allows them to manufacture and control their own supply of precast concrete elements for the project. On a visit to the site, we met Johan Birkegård, Factory manager at KP Betong AB. He emphasised the advantages of having a factory on-site; including savings on transport costs, control of delivery schedules, flexibility and ease of feedback. These are all of course in addition to the environmental benefits. They are able to produce around 14 concrete elements in the factory every day. Foto: Jacob Ebbinger Implementing a BIM Workflow StruSoft and its sister company, StruEngineers, has so far been involved in four projects, and a fifth that is currently in the planning phase. StruEngineers produces and supplies manufacturing drawings with reinforcement specifications, machine files, assembly drawings and reports. These drawings are then used in IMPACT for production and project planning. The entire schedule works through a 3D model, allowing a complete BIM workflow in the cloud. This means accurate control over production planning and eventual transport to the construction site. "You can see the building in the model and follow along all the way to plan the casting and assembly arrangement", Johan says. Every detail is important, such as how elements should be loaded to maximize transport efficiency, and how they should be produced to match the transportation times and erection schedule on-site. "I like IMPACT because it is very user-friendly," Johan says, having not worked with this type of software before. He received comprehensive training on-site by StruSoft’s Fredrik Arheden, product owner for IMPACT, managing to solve tasks and become familiar with the work in just a week.   Keep Track of Changes in Real Time While the production work is progressing, project revisions and updates can be carried out simultaneously by StruEngineers. If something changes in the drawings, in the database or in the model, this is carried through immediately to the transport and production planning tools. Therefore, everyone involved can follow the process in real-time via a continually updated model and BIM process. Johan confirms the advantages of this to planning and efficiency; “IMPACT helps us to plan our casting tables effectively by using as much of the table surface as possible during each cast. We can always see what is being produced via the model, and this helps us to avoid errors and duplication.” Johan also showed us a model for a preschool, exporting files out to the factory computer for the production phase. The preschool, due for completion in November 2019, is the 4th building constructed so far using IMPACT and assisted by the precast know-how of StruEngineers. We are proud to help make this impressive, environmentally focussed and sustainable project reality! Foto: Suhas Mohol Text: Alexandra Rehn

May 23, 2019

StruSoft at IPHA Annual Conference 2019

It's time for IPHA's annual conference and this year it will take place in Soendeborg, Denmark. Our Team at StruSoft are very excited to visit our neighbour country on May 23 - 26. The theme of the conference is: ‘The only way is up’ - philosophy to the future.     Soendeborg, Denmark.
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