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Let’s talk about the latest developments in structural design software and use of solutions to achieve more in less time.

Swedish heritage, worldwide innovation

In our continuous pursuit of creating innovative products, we stay true to our Swedish heritage of timeless quality.

Breaking old habits

Say goodbye to outdated software with poor support and hello to new-generation software with unrivalled support.


All-in-one structural design software to take your projects to the next level. Short learning curve.


Advanced structural load analysis – Norra Tornen

FEM-Design Norra Tornen

API Timber Design solution in FEM-Design

FEM-Design API timber design


Intelligent 3D model-based BIM software for precast design, production & project management.


Precast Project Management – ditch the spreadsheet



User-friendly, fully graphical and efficient structural frame analysis 2D/3D modelling design software.


Gain the competitive edge over your competitors

With our innovative structural analysis software, you will be ahead of the competition. Forget about slim business margins and losing projects due to a lack of tools and computational power.

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What our customers say

“It saves a lot of time, manual input errors are eliminated, and this helps ensure the required prefabricated concrete elements are of high quality.” Marco Binfaré, Sweco

“I often use FEM-Design as my tool to do structural analysis. The API solution was a nice feature you helped us with for the Lerche project. We wanted to get the reactions above each column and each wall to act as loads on the basement model. The script was quite good because we could also divide the basement up in these sections, but it’s better to have one large basement so we can get that in a model for itself.” Jeppe Bang, MOE

”We were supported throughout by StruSoft, who developed the Tekla® Base Tools API specifically to support our current design processes and integrate IMPACT with our in-house systems. More efficient planning alone justifies the investment as well as the Element Control to massively reduce errors in the production process.” – Dave Norry, F.P. McCann

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Learn how to work optimally with our software by using our complementary resources: webinars and software training courses. These are additions to the standard support that you get when you purchase a software license agreement.

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