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Retaining Wall

Analysis and design of T- and L-shaped retaining walls for the ultimate- and the serviceability limit state according to EC2 and a check of the soil capacity according to EC7 together with a settlement calculation.

Go to the tab Calculation Instructions for a guide on how to use the Retaining Wall WIN-Statik program.

The program can handle four different walls types. L-type, L-type with haunch, T-type and T-type with haunch.



The adequate geometry, concrete and possible loads are defined for in this case a T-type wall with haunch.



The values describing the earth situated at wall side is defined. In this case the wall is exposed to active pressure.



The soil below the slab and other data involved in the calculation of the ground pressure capacity are defined, in this case a cohesionsless soil.



An analysis is performed and the ground capacity together with the sliding capacity is checked.



And the distribution of the section forces for the wall, toe and heel are displayed.



Ultimate Limit state design

After the design the required reinforcement are displayed graphically.



And in tables for wall, toe and heel.



Followed by a shear check.



Serviceability limit State Design

Crack widths are calculated and compared with allowed values.
Settlements can also be calculated and the input is defined in the same way as for the program Foundation. (See Calculation Instructions for Foundation).
Finally when the results are satisfactory the output can be sent to a printer.