WIN-Statik is a powerful but easy to use software series for common engineering design tasks. Analysis and design of colums, beams, sections and frames are carried out according to a chosen design code.

The software designs according to Eurocode standard or with national annexes.


Concrete Beam


Analysis and design according to Eurocode for continuous beams. Based on the moments and shear forces calculated in the analysis part; required longitudinal reinforcement and stirrups are determined. Optimization of required reinforcement lengths with regard to bond can be made graphically. In the Serviceability Limit State a cracked section deflection analysis is done and a design regarding crack widths and displacements to meet standard- or user defined requirements can be performed. Alternatively, cracks and displacements can be calculated based on specified reinforcement.


Concrete Column


Columns can be calculated according to Eurocode considering instability with the curvature- or the stiffness method. Either a design of required reinforcement or a check of specified reinforcement can be performed. Bending around the principal axes (biaxial bending) is checked and interaction diagrams are created.


Frame Analysis with Concrete- Steel and Timber Modules 


Plane structures with arbitrary geometry can be analyzed according to the 1st and 2nd order theory. Geometry is easily created through a point and click interface or for common structures the parametric Geometry & Loading module can be used. Standard steel-, concrete- and timber sections can be found in the database or the user can define parametric sections.

A structure can then be designed according to Eurocode. Instability is considered with user defined buckling lengths or by the 2nd order moments.

With the Concrete Module a cracked section analysis considering creep and shrinkage can also be performed.


Concrete Section


Either a design of required reinforcement or a check of specified reinforcement can be performed for a number of parametric cross-sections. The software can handle applied moments and shear forces along the principal axes (skew bending) as well as axial force and torque. Reinforcement of various grades and diameters can be mixed with a powerful graphical management to build up an arbitrary reinforcement distribution.




Analysis and design of stiff rectangular foundation bases according to the geotechnical- and concrete design code.


Concrete Corbel


Design of required main and secondary reinforcement for concrete corbels. 





Punching check for slabs supported by edge, corner and interior columns. Possible shear reinforcement as bent-down bars or links is designed on the user’s choice.



Retaining Wall


Calculation of L- and T-shaped retaining walls with and without surcharge load on the backfill. The program performs bearing- and sliding capacity checks, calculates settlements and performs concrete design.


 Masonry Design


Design of walls, columns, beams and straight arches made of masonry. The wall module calculates walls with vertical- and/or horizontal loads, reinforced as well as non-reinforced. Solid walls, cavity walls, diaphragm walls, rib walls and geometrically strengthened cavity walls can be defined. Also shear walls with different geometry can be calculated.

The column module handles rectangular and U-shaped columns with vertical and horizontal loads.

The beam module can be used for designing in-situ laid beams in one span.

The arch module is used for calculating straight arches.