The Höljes power plant in Sweden is a hydroelectric power station built in 1962. The new gate is 9 meters high, 17 meters wide, with a total weight of 85.7 tons, including equipment.

The old floodgate hatch was replaced by a new one, and our software FEM-Design was used for the design & analysis process. Per Lardner at WSP did the calculations for the assessment of the deformations of the structure. Consequently, he made an assessment of the structure by reviewing steel stresses and bearing reactions.

Structural analysis of floodgate hatch was achieved through perfect coordination between Tekla and a FEM-design model

The model file from Tekla was used in FEM-Design for stress control of plates to find critical areas in the main construction. It was a direct transfer with exact geometry of the analysis model from Tekla into FEM-Design.

Tekla model and FEM-Design model

Tekla model (above), FEM-Design model (below). Photo credit: WSP

Loads and boundary conditions

The point reaction forces and the water pressure were calculated with FEM-Design to ensure a structurally sound structure capable of handling stresses.

Loads and boundary conditionsPhoto credit: WSP

The FEM-design model has simplifications and, at the same time, has a high level of detailing

The bolted joints were modeled as line-line connections and stiffeners were placed around holes to simplify the model yet maintaining a high level of detail.

FEM-Design model

Photo credit: WSP

Structural analysis of floodgate hatch: very unique type of project for FEM-Design

Our full 3D structural analysis software is mainly used for commercial or residential buildings. However, this project was an outlier and proved that FEM-Design can be used for various purposes, including the floodgate hatch of a hydropower plant. This project is a testament to FEM-Design’s versatility.

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