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BIM Energy

Comprehensive and easy-to-use energy calculation software

BIM Energy Evaluation is an easy-to-use fully dynamic energy calculation software that provides fast answers to complex questions regarding energy efficiency in the real estate sector.



By combining state of the art calculation algorithms with a user-friendly interface, complex questions about energy usage and potential for savings can be evaluated quickly.

For example; how much energy can for example be saved by installing a heat pump, or how will the energy performance change by replacing the old windows with a newer more energy efficient one? 


Benefits of using BIM Energy

- Define building models and get results in minutes, the user can choose the level of detail appropriate by either choosing from the comprehensive catalog or customising some or all parameters in detail.
- Gives you a complete energy balance and opportunity to evaluate various efficiency measures with a few clicks.
- Comprehensive reports are created automatically and can be customised to your specific needs.
- Building models are stored in the cloud for future usage and can be shared with others for efficient co-operation.
- Comprehensive support and onboarding to maximize your benefits of using our software.

Key features

-         Easy to use 3D editor to define building dimensions

-         Comprehensive catalog with construction types, materials, windows, heat pumps etc.

-         Simulation of air handling systems, flow schedules, temperature set points and heat recovery.

-         Schedules for energy usage with catalog values for different building types but also completely customisable.

-         Heating system simulation including heat pumps, hourly performance calculation, including control strategy.

-         Cooling demand calculation and supply by district cooling, chillers or free cooling.

-         Climate file library

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