You’re an ambitious student eager to dive into structural engineering. We’re here to help you in your journey as your partner in structural analysis software. We know you want to rely on fast, user-friendly software for your university projects. Here’s what you need to know to apply for our free educational student license.

The power of our free educational student license

We’re offering students the chance to use a full-featured version of our structural analysis software at zero cost. Whether you’re interested in FEM-Design, Dimension, PRE-Stress, WIN-Statik, or Jigi, there’s something tailored for everyone.

  • FEM-Design is an advanced and intuitive software that caters to every facet of your structural engineering needs, encompassing 3D modeling, design, and finite element analysis (FEA) for materials like concrete, steel, timber, composite, masonry, and foundational structures. All computations adhere to Eurocode standards, inclusive of specific National annexes.
  • DIMENSION is a collection of structural and HVAC analysis tools that streamline and automate the design of supportive structures. Every program within the series specializes in assessing, applying, and crafting various structural forms and materials. (Danish only)
  • PRE-Stress is an advanced software tailored for prestressed concrete design, facilitating calculations and analysis on an array of prestressed concrete elements such as hollowcore slabs, solid slabs, wall panels, beams, inclined beams, double tees, and the latest addition, “angled” TT beams.
  • WIN-Statik is a user-friendly structural engineering software tailored for standard design operations. It encompasses analysis and design, adhering to Eurocode standards with various national annexes. Predominantly utilized in Scandinavia, this program has served as the primary design instrument for structural engineers for over 35 years.
  • Jigi is a structural engineering tool designed for 2D/3D structural frame modeling, analysis, and design. At its core, JIGI prioritizes ease of use and efficiency. Its graphical user interface offers intuitive tools for swift modeling. Users are presented with a clear snapshot of the model, detailing materials, loads, and outcomes. JIGI is fit for Concrete, Steel & Timber construction frameworks and support structures.

Discover the powerful FEM-Design student license

The educational FEM-Design student version is a standout offering. This isn’t just a “light” version of our full 3D structural analysis software. You get free, full access with no restrictions in analysis and design, encompassing all standard design modules. This means you get hands-on, real-world experience while studying – something employers will love to see on your resume.

Using FEM-Design, you can go for design processes encompassing 3D BIM Integrations (like IFC, SAF, Revit, and Tekla) and 2D CAD-oriented applications (such as DWG and DXF). The most recent FEM-Design 22 version offers smart connections with IDEA StatiCa for specialized steel joint design and with Nemetschek Allplan for reinforcement of 3D bar and surface reinforcement objects.

What are the boundaries of our free structural analysis software?

The FEM-Design student version has some boundaries you must consider before applying. However, despite these boundaries, you’ll get advanced and intuitive free structural analysis software to level up your university projects.
– It’s exclusively for educational use. You can’t use it commercially.
– It’s not compatible with the commercial FEM-Design version files.
– Prints have an “Educational version” watermark.
– Word and Mathcad exports are not available.
– Software updates/upgrades are disabled.
These limitations ensure that students harness the software’s capabilities for educational pursuits.

Get started today with our free educational student license

It’s important to note that we release a new student version twice a year. So, always keep an eye on the expiry date. It’s easily accessible within the program: just click on Help > About.

Ready to start the journey with us? Here’s your step-by-step guide:

1. Reach the Student License form here.
3. Upload a copy of your Student ID (it’s essential).
4. Input the required information.
5. Select the software of choice (FEM-Design, PRE-Stress, WIN-Statik, Dimension or Jigi).
6. Hit submit.
Once done, you can expect an automated email guiding you through installation, licensing, and support. It’s that simple!

Extra resources to help you work optimally with our free structural analysis software license

The StruSoft universe is vast in terms of additional resources you can take advantage of to work optimally with our structural analysis software.
You can do a deep dive and read our WIKI section for in-depth theoretical and practical information about our software.
If you prefer video content, you can always check our YouTube channel, where we have various technical videos or webinar recordings.
Stay up to date with our free webinars by browsing the agenda here.
Discover our various case studies by clicking this link.

In a world full of expensive software and limited student budgets, we want to get closer to you to help you better. With our free structural analysis student versions, we ensure that young engineers and architects have the tools to shape tomorrow’s world. We look forward to seeing your unique designs made with FEM-Design, PRE-Stress, WIN-Statik, Dimension or Jigi.

If you would like to apply for a free student license please click the Get a Free Student License Button.