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FEM Design | Structural Analysis and Design Software

FEM-Design helps engineers worldwide to get full control over their structural analysis. 

FEM-Design is advanced modeling software for finite element analysis and design of load-bearing concrete, steel, timber and foundation structures according to Eurocode with NA. The unique user-friendly working environment is based on the familiar CAD tools that make the model creation and structure editing simple and intuitive. The quick and easy nature of FEM-Design makes it ideal for all types of construction tasks from single element design to global stability analysis of large structures and makes it the best practical tool for structural engineers.

Benefits of using FEM-Design

  • The structural model is created easily in 3D with intuitive CAD-tools or imported from BIM-software.
  • The finite element mesh is generated and optimized automatically.
  • The Auto Design feature helps to choose the most efficient cross-section or reinforcement arrangement
  • Resultant and connection forces in shell elements can be easily assessed.
  • Results are shown in a variety of 3D-graphs, contour lines, color palettes or sections.
  • Auto-updated project reports can be created from within the built-in FEM-Design documentation module.

FEM-Design Applications

FEM-Design can be purchased as one of a few applications that different from each other by the scope of design and analysis possibilities.


The scope of design and analysis


FEM-Design 3D Structure

Complete structural analysis and design of complex structures containing a combination of materials and element types, including shell elements, slabs, walls, bars, beams, and columns with arbitrary loads. Static-, dynamic- and seismic analysis can be performed as well as solving global stability problems. Buckling phenomena and concrete cracking are accounted for.

FEM-Design Frame

Three-dimensional frame and truss structures are easily modeled, analyzed and designed in FEM-Design. Common structures can be generated along with loads in a few simple steps using the parametric input wizard. The section editor allows complex arbitrary section shapes (opened or closed) to be created for bars, beams, and columns.

FEM-Design Steel Joint

Total of 51 solutions and 7 types (according to the Swedish Institute of Steel Construction). Use predefined solutions and design the connection using a bolt and/or welds. Define the load and steel sections in the stand-alone version, or get automatic import of the geometry and load combination results from FEM-Design 3D model.

FEM-Design Plate

Concrete slabs or other two-dimensional transversely loaded structures can be analyzed. Reinforced concrete is designed according to code, accounting for cracked section analysis, shrinkage and creep considering applied reinforcement. Required reinforcement is calculated for the ultimate limit state, and applied reinforcement can be used for checking deflections and/or crack width.

FEM-Design Wall

FEM-Design offers design solutions for plane stress problems, such as shear and load-bearing walls as well as for other kinds of structural elements such as webs of deep beams or steel plates.

FEM-Design 19 is the latest and newest version of StruSoft's structural analysis and design software

FEM-Design 19 includes significant changes into existing functionality, as well as a considerable number of brand new features. 

To learn and try the new features and improvements in FEM-Design 19

Apply for a trial version of FEM-Design 19


FEM-Design 19 - Major features videos


FEM-Design 19 contains a significant number of changes and improvements. → Read more...

New features

A detailed description on the new features in FEM-Design 19. → Read more...

Parametric model

The parametric model is an editor module, where the user can create a parameterized model and use it as a template. The templates later can be imported into the Structure module with customized settings. → Read more...

CLT Panels (Cross-laminated timber)

Analysis of laminated type shell structures is now available with a new mechanical model implemented into FEM-Design 19, based on the laminated shell theory. → Read more...

Timber Bar Fire Design

Fire design for timber bars is now available in FEM-Design 19. Timber bars can initially be protected from fire exposure by structural elements or fire protective claddings and it’s now possible to consider these effects in FEM-Design. → Read more...


In FEM-Design 19, the Documentation module is improved a lot. New functionalities and objects are implemented to speed up the process of documenting the project. → Read more...


FEM-Design has a new API functionality. The program is accessed by different XML files that can be generated from scratch, modified or used as a template. This can be done in many different ways and with many different programming languages. This makes the API functionality in FEM-Design very versatile. → Read more...

All new features and improvement in FEM-Design 19

Learn more about all the new features and enhancements in FEM-Design 19. → What's new in FEM-Design 19?

Trial license

To learn and try the new features and improvements in FEM-Design 19 - Apply for a trial version of FEM-Design 19

Steel Joints Design

FEM-Design checks and designs steel joint according to EN 1993-1-2. Steel Joint is a separate module that is available in two versions: standalone or built-in FEM-Design 3D Structure.


  • Total of 51 solutions and 7 types (according to the Swedish Institute of Steel Construction).
  • Use predefined solutions and design the connection using bolt and/or welds.
  • Define the load and steel sections in the stand-alone version, or get an automatic import of the geometry and load combination results from FEM-Design 3D model.
  • Easy and clear overview of the results and utilizations.
  • Save your solution in a collection for future use.
  • Get documentation of both drawings, but also welds and bolts needed.

Watch the video presentations

Steel Joint: Built-in version

Steel Joint: Standalone version

Webinar: FEM-Design Steel Joint

Steel Joint Stiffness

FEM-Design gives the opportunity to set the rotation stiffness of Steel Joints automatically or manually, and apply it to the structure. The rotational stiffness of semi-rigid joints connecting H and I profiles can be calculated automatically according to methods given in EN 1993-1-8.

Watch the video presentation:


FEM-Design automatically generates documentation for each joint that contains the input data of the joint (Member data, Load combinations, data of all components) and detailed calculations, so-called detailed result.

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FEM-Design modules

FEM-Design is a program that can be build up of several different modules, based on individual preferences and needs. The base of the program is the Analysis module, and the design modules can be added to the program one by one, anytime. Here you can find out more about each of the FEM-Design modules.


Learn about the most exceptional features of the Analysis module in FEM-Design


Learn about the most exceptional features of the Dynamic module in FEM-Design

Steel Design

Learn about the most exceptional features of the Steel Design module in FEM-Design

Concrete Design

Learn about the most exceptional features of the Concrete Design module in FEM-Design

Timber Design

Learn about the most exceptional features of the Timber Design module in FEM-Design


Learn about the most exceptional features of the Geotechnical Design module in FEM-Design


Learn about the most exceptional features of the Documentation module in FEM-Design

Foundation Design

The Foundation Design Module is the perfect addition to your FEM-Design 3D Structure program if you want to add geotechnical checks directly to your documentation report. 

FEM-Design comes with an application programming interface (API) that can be used for parametric design and task automation. The API for FEM-Design is based on the extensible markup language (XML) and allows FEM-Design users to communicate and command FEM-Design.

FEM-Design geometry models and commands can be generated using any programming language capable of creating and modifying XML files. Furthermore, we provide ready to use toolboxes for Dynamo and Grasshopper. These toolboxes are released as open-source to allow our users to modify them as they please.

For more information please visit the → FEM-Design Wiki

We are committed to adding new features corresponding to your needs. Please send any development requests to andreas.oscarsson@strusoft.com

FEM-Design can communicate with two of the most popular modelling programs: Autodesk Revit Structure and Tekla Structures. StruSoft developed a free StruXML Revit Add-In and Tekla StruXML Tools that make the data transfer possible. Find out more about them below.

Revit link to FEM-Design

Learn about the connection between Autodesk Revit and StruSoft FEM-Design.

Tekla link to FEM-Design

Learn about the connection between Tekla and StruSoft FEM-Design.

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Contact support

StruSoft digitally stores the information you submit (company name, name, email, etc.) in order to contact you and provide customer service. For more information read our Privacy Policy here.

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Individual support or training

StruSoft offers a number of custom services that can be arranged individually. These are:

  • assistance with project and advise regarding FEM-Design modeling,
  • individual training based upon customer requested topic.
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FEM-Design Documents

All FEM-Design manuals are stored in FEM-Design WIKI.

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Learning videos

All learning videos can be found on StruSoft Offical YouTube channel.

Playlist Link
FEM-Design 19 - New features â–· Play
FEM-Design 18 - New features â–· Play
FEM-Design 17 - New features â–· Play
FEM-Design - How to...? â–· Play
FEM-Design - Webinars â–· Play
FEM-Design - Basic course â–· Play
FEM-Design - Steel Joint â–· Play
FEM-Design - 3D Soil â–· Play
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How to get FEM-Design?

We aim to make downloading and installation of FEM-Design as easy and fast, as possible, no matter if you are already a customer, a student, or someone interested in testing our program. Check the instructions below for the guidlines.

FEM-Design commercial version

All StruSoft programs can be downloaded through the StruSoft Installer. Using this program, you can can handle all you installation files (including previous version of the program), updates and licenses. If you are a customer with a license that is already setup in the StruSoft Installer, you can also find the latest version of the program from FEM-Design Download Center.

FEM-Design free Trial version

Go to  → Get Started now and apply for a free trial version. It is fast, free and you will be provided with all the help regarding installation, licensing and using the program.

FEM-Design free Educational version

Go to  → Get Started now and apply for a free educational version. It is fast, free and you will be provided with all the help regarding installation.

System requirements

Check the minimal and recommended system configurations when using FEM-Desig here.

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FEM-Design Wiki is the main source of knowledge about StruSoft FEM-Design software. Here you can find all kind of information that is relevant for FEM-Design users.