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FEM-Design | Intuitive structural analysis and design software

What makes FEM-Design unique is easy and quick-to-use user interface, reliable and robust non-linear solver, and
well-implemented versatile and designer tools. FEM-Design let us design structures made of reinforced concrete,
steel, composite materials, timber, CLT and masonry bricks and mortar. In case of RC concrete, FEM-Design is an
excellent program for the design of both in-situ and precast concrete structures thanks to its advanced non-linear
cracked-section, creep, shrinkage, and detailed connection-based analysis.

The FEM-Design toolkit allows the complete calculation of both element-level and simple elements as well as
complex spatial structures (including stability, seismic, dynamic and time history analysis). With FEM-Design, we can
participate in design workflows such as 3D BIM-based (IFC, SAF, Revit and Tekla), 2D CAD-based (DWG and DXF), and
automated with custom programming (API, XML, XLS, C#, Grasshopper and Dynamo).

FEM Design

3D Structure | Trustworthy and reliable global structural analysis application

Experience a structural analysis and design application perfect for every project’s needs. In FEM-Design 3D Structure
we can perform structural modelling and design of different structure types like concrete, steel, masonry, timber,
CLT and composite structures, which can occur separately or together in a single project.
3D Structure allows us to model all essential real non-linearities of a structure – such as code-specific
stiffnesses – that is often cumbersome with other software available on the market. With 3D Structure,
structure modelling is intuitive, editing is easy, and results come quickly at hand. We can define typical
structures with their parameters or import projects started with other modelling or design applications.
Smart conversion and editing functions help us in positioning and connecting analysis members quickly
and accurately in 3D, and so we can run immediate calculations shortly after import.

Say goodbye to outdated software with poor customer support.

Trusted by 20.000+ users

Say hello to innovative structural design software with excellent support.

40+ years of experience

Suitable for any size and type of structure. In compliance with Eurocode.

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Swedish heritage, worldwide innovation.

Do you want to experience the benefits of our new-generation software?

 Design of structures made of concrete, steel, timber, CLT, composite and masonry brick materials

 Modelling of hollow-core and prefabricated elements, corbels, eccentric joints and connections

 Nonlinear calculation: cracked concrete, creep and shrinkage, geometric non-linearity, and initial curvature

 Wide range of analysis and load effects: dynamic, seismic, time-history and footfall analysis, construction stages

Modelling of element joints: plastic model, joint stiffness, and dimensioning for connection forces

Global or local stability check by considering Eurocode specific reductions and cracking

Focus only on relevant results by monitoring the critical or individually selected locations

Non-load-bearing load distribution, automatic wind load, moving loads and lateral loads

What our customers say

“Even if we can make calculations by hand, we get a better picture with the results from the global analysis. We save so much time with FEM-Design 3D Structure, especially if the design is advanced and complex. But overall, the benefit with the global analysis is to ensure quality. Quality is necessary to succeed, this way, the engineers save time and resources, and the building is designed correctly.”Topi Valtonen, Sitowise Finland

“The software is user-friendly and it was fully implemented in our office from day one. Our new engineers learned the
software quickly, which convinced us not to use 2D design software anymore.”Ole Steen, ProCon Danmark

”I have worked with FEM-Design since 2001 and it is the main program we use for 3-dimensional structural design.” Martin Rienholdsson, Integra Engineering

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