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Punching check for slabs supported by interior, edge and corner columns. Possible shear reinforcement as bent-down bars or links is designed on the users’ choice.

The program can handle slabs supported by an interior, edge or corner columns.



The adequate geometry, concrete and reinforcement are defined for in this case an interior column.



Up to ten different load cases. The column moments are used to calculate an eccentricity factor increasing the punching stress.



As a result from the design the length of the column, control perimeters and the eccentricity factors are displayed.



And the slab is checked at the column perimeter with regard to max shear capacity and at the control perimeter. In this case the capacity is inadequate.



One way to increase the capacity is to use shear reinforcement. Bent-Down bars or Links.



To reach the required capacity eight 12 mm bent-down bars must cross through the control perimeter. Two bars in each direction.
Finally when the results are satisfactory the output can be sent to a printer.