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Steel Design Module

EC3 steel design can both check and auto design your steel members. Everything is presented like hand-calculations to make sure, that this is not a 'black box'. National annexes handled are Danish, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Rumanian, Swedish and British.The Steel Design module handles bars and shells in ULS, SLS and fire. It takes you through all Eurocode checks. Steel Design also has the 'clean' Eurocode without national annexes.

This is not a black box. All design calculations are presented like hand calculations. Easy to follow:


Convert your bar element into shells with one click. Add holes etc. Follow the design calculations and create your structural report. Easy.


Steel Fire Design

FEM-Design checks and designs steel bars for fire effects according to EN 1993-1-2 for nominal fire curves.

Design options

Steel members can be verified and designed for fire effects based on (among other parameters) the fire duration, fire curve and section exposure. FEM-Design allows for auto-design and manual design of steel members.

Auto design

Manual Design

There are two manual design options:

  • Design for fire protection material (from library or user-defined)
  • Calculate maximum temperature


Steel fire design: Auto Design options

There are two manual design options:

  • Apply chosen fire protection material (from library or user-defined)
  • Set maximum member temperature


Steel fire design: Manual Design options

Detailed results and documentation

It is possible to display detailed calculation report for each steel bar, for both protected and unprotected members, for auto- and manual design. That report can be added to the documentation module, or exported to .docx or Mathcad format.

Steel fire design: Detailed results

In Documentation module, one can display utlization tables containing crucial information regarding fire duration, applied insulation and utilization before fire and at fire conditions.

Steel fire design: Utilization table Steel fire design: Combinaed utilization table

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