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Welcome to Strusoft India!  


StruSoft, an engineering software developer that has been present in building design for 35 years, now boasts 10,000 users in over twenty countries, thanks to innovative and forward-looking development and close collaboration with the world's leading design and consulting companies.

Our software packages have been developed in Sweden over a 30-year period and are used successfully by precast manufacturers and design consultancies around the world. These include software for calculation of precast, in-situ, and prestressed concrete elements and structures. 


About Strusoft India! 


StruSoft has been present in India for the last 5 years. We have a dedicated team of 40 professionals in our corporate office in Pune directly involved in sales, marketing, technical services, software development & support. StruSoft is focused on supporting the precast and reinforced concrete industries across India with world-class software and specialist support services. We are perfectly positioned to do this from our branch office, located in Pune, Maharashtra. 

The Strusoft India group consists of a marketing department, Sales department, support training staff, and a large development group.  In addition to these groups, there is management, finance, and administration departments. We have focused our strengths on sales, training, and support. Our ambition is to always have satisfied customers - and with our Customer Support team.

We ensure that the users receive the service and support they need. A large part of our support business is education - partly as standard courses that you can book through the website, and partly as a strongly growing local course activity on site at the customer. Because several of our customer coaches possess specialist knowledge, we can help customers as project support, ie together with the user solve special issues. 

Many of our customers need customization and local development, sometimes with our standard systems as a base - sometimes we develop customized solutions for a particular process or product. We have many software developers at StruSoft, and we have many customers - therefore we focus a lot on our development on meeting the customer's requirements and wishes.


Company Value: We reach everybody and everybody can reach us easily. We always deliver values that surpass expectations.

Team Size of 50+ Engineers providing end-to-end Solutions

Precast Concrete Design Software

For precast concrete elements IMPACT; our full 3D and 3D design software works with AutoCAD, BricsCAD, and Revit, exporting to IFC. Precast manufacturers can implement a full cloud-based BIM workflow with IMPACT Production/Project, which is also compatible with Tekla. This enables complete production and project management processes in conjunction with 3D models. Mobile applications allow real-time working procedures and give stakeholders full visibility, from design through to manufacture, storage, transport, and erection.




IMPACT has been the market leader in Precast industry for 30 plus years. With real exposure from Precast factories, construction sites, and design consultants, IMPACT is offering a unique combination of knowledge and experience to Precast building industry. 

Precast Concrete Producers

Consulting Engineers

Reinforced Concrete

IMPACT BIM Software for Building & Construction! 


Best in class software for precast concrete producers and consultants - Own the Precast Process with IMPACT Read more





IMPACT Reinforcement is an application to model and schedule rebar in AutoCAD.



The smart objects in IMPACT Reinforcement contain all necessary information to define rebar including bar mark, shape code, leg lengths, end hooks, and material. Quantities are calculated automatically from distribution lines and spacing. Depending on view direction and bar settings, the bars are shown as easily read symbolic representations according to standard, but can also be displayed as 3D solids.


To watch Video - Link 


FEM-Design helps engineers worldwide to get full control over their structural analysis.



FEM-Design is an advanced modeling software for finite element analysis and design of load-bearing concrete, steel, timber and foundation structures according to Eurocode with NA. The unique user-friendly working environment is based on the familiar CAD tools what makes the model creation and structure editing simple and intuitive. The quick and easy nature of FEM-Design makes it ideal for all types of construction tasks from single element design to global stability analysis of large structures and makes it the best practical tool for structural engineers.



PRE-Stress | Prestressed Concrete Design



PRE-Stress is an advanced software for calculations of prestressed concrete elements. The different stages from the casting in the factory to the final product in the building are considered. Cracking occurred in the early stages of the element lives on throughout the calculation, affecting the calculations in the final stages. The program is based on a 2D FEM-engine for accurate numerical solutions and precise results. 




Strusoft India Support!  

We offer different kinds of support and services for different areas and solutions. Here you find all Stusoft services. Contact us to find out more about availability and the services that fulfill your needs.

The strusSoft user can email Strusoft support team when they have any query. StruSoft India dedicated helpdesk provides instant solutions to your queries via online means like telephone calls, emails, Online Chat or videos. In urgent cases, onsite support visit will be provided to resolve the issue. 

Telephone/ Email Support - support.india@strusoft.com

To know more Click Here - Supports

Technical Help / Support Videos 

To Know more Click Here - Youtube StruSoftofficial


IMPACT Wiki, the main source for knowledge and manuals related to the IMPACT BIM software. Here you can find all kind of information that is relevant for IMPACT users. It 24/7 online support channel for fast self-service. Read more

StruSoft Portal

StruSoft Portal is a collection of online tools for everyday calculations, useful links, and links to theory and wikis for all our software groups. Read more 

Department Contact
Marketing Department

Mishtii Hindlekar
Mail: mishtii.hindlekar@strusoft.com
Tel: +91 7888007807

Presales Department

Adishma Jain
Mail: adishma.jain@strusoft.com
Tel: +91 7447401580 

Sales Department 

Biney Bhat
Mail: biney.bhat@strusoft.com
Tel: +91 9975108643 

Support / Technical


Mail: Support.india@strusoft.com

Address R. B. Business Center
Office no.13 & 17 4th Floor
Sanghvi Nagar, Aundh
Pune – 411007
Phone  ☎ +91 902 804 30 71

Take full advantage of IMPACT REVIT Software Courses


Our structured, easy to follow courses will ensure you get the most from your Impact Revit software. Ranging from basic beginners to advanced, we aim to give you the confidence and skills to be more productive. We provide both classroom instructor-led training and eLearning, if preferred, we can also arrange for training courses to take place at your office premises. Learn about all the latest software features in a manner best suited to your needs.

Contact us to discuss your training requirements. 


Date Webinar/ Training & Events Recording
July 11, 2018 IMPACT - Column & Beam Watch here
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