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Powerful and intuitive modeling software for structural analysis of building structures.


A family of advanced BIM software to efficiently manage, detail, produce, transport and erect prefabricated concrete elements.


A powerful but easy to use software series for common engineering design tasks.

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About StruSoft
StruSoft makes life easy for -building, structural design- and architectural engineers who work with analysis and design of buildings, structural engineering, 3D modeling, detailing, assembly etc. We provide highly specialized software in “Structural Analysis & Design” – all essential tools for the entire building industry of construction companies, engineering firms and consulting companies. Our software helps our clients saving time and money by increasing the quality, efficiency and productivity when engineering buildings.

Aug 20, 2018

Abetong AB joins IMPACT Revit family

Abetong AB is one of the leading precast manufacturers in Sweden. Providing professional design, development and production of various concrete products, they have first started working with IMPACT AutoCAD in 2009. As concrete companies are more often required to collaborate with external parties with Revit projects, Abetong has decided to step-in to a modern 3D-based precast software IMPACT Revit. This August, IMPACT Revit team held one-day course teaching main functionalities and several tips and tricks for the best performance in IMPACT Revit. StruSoft is more than happy to welcome Abetong starting with IMPACT Revit and looking forward to collaborating with you.

Aug 06, 2018

New Tekla Tools are released

We are excited to inform you that new versions of Tekla Tools are released Both Tekla Import and Tekla Export tool are now compatible with Tekla 2018. Above that, Tekla Import tool has been supplemented with automatic material and section mapping possibilities. The new possibilities have been widely described in the â­ł Tekla Import Tool Manual. Download the new Tekla Tools Automatic mapping in Tekla Import Tool New version ot Tekla Import Tool comes with a large database of paired materials and sections. That database can be easily edited and new mapped pairs can be added. The database can be transferred between projects. A new material or section can be easily typed into the mapping dialog (like in previous versions) and added to the database with once click.   → Read more about the FEM-Design to Tekla integration.

Jul 19, 2018

Labeled sections in FEM-Design

FEM-Design 17.01.003 contains one very significant addition to the program's functionality. Based on many user requestes, we developed Labeled sections. The aim of this feature is to allow listing results of shells along user-defined sections. Define Labeled Section There are two definition options: Polyline Line by selection There are two way of naming the labeled sections If Automatic name is checked, section's name is generated automatically according to the ID of the selected shell and the Options given in the tool window according to this schema: [Prefix]Shell identifier.Structural position number[Postfix]. Example: RES_W.1, WS013.1_RES. If named result section already exists with this name, and extra number is added to it: RES_W.1_1, RES_W.1_2, RES_W.1_3, etc. If Automatic name is NOT checked, section's name is generated based on the User defined Name tag according to the schema: [Name].Position number. Example: RS.1, RS.2, RS.3, etc. List tables If there are Labeled sections selected, the following new tables appear in the List tables dialog: (Load cases/Construction stages/Load combinations) Labeled sections, Internal forces (Max. of load combinations/Max. of load groups) Labeled sections, Internal forces (+) (Max. of load combinations/Max. of load groups) Labeled sections, Internal forces (-) In Options… dialog following options are available: Listed table, if second option is selected:  
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