Structural Dynamics for Pedestrian Bridges with FEM-Design

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Thursday, March 24, 2022
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Thursday, March 24, 2022
10:00 - 11:00
Shaho Ruhani

Bridge FEM Design

A common problem for pedestrian bridges is the challenge of designing lightweight structures that are efficiently utilizing the material. A great example of this is the Folke Bernadotte Bridge located in Stockholm at Royal Djurgården. The bridge is from an architectural and engineering point of view a prodigy. However, from a dynamic perspective, the lightweight steel structure inevitably causes some vibration problems that have been investigated for the last years.

Big work has been done by KTH – and more specifically the Ph.D. Candidate Daniel Colmenares Herrera, who is co-speaker in this webinar. Currently, Daniel is working on solutions that can improve decision-making in the design process for vibration problems of lightweight pedestrian bridges.

Why should you participate?

How accurate is your finite element model in FEM-Design? Is this a question you generally ask yourself when performing a dynamic analysis of pedestrian bridges?
If so – make sure you sign up for this webinar, where you will improve your decision-making in FEM-Design.

Webinar Agenda

• An academic case study for pedestrian bridges.
• Problem formulation for lightweight structures.
• Perform a sensitivity analysis by making a parametric study of the boundary conditions through the FEM-Design API.
• Dynamic analysis with direct time-integration methods in FEM-Design.
• Verify your results by simple hand calculations.
• Q&A.

Bridges do not only simplify transportation but also add value to the city and its people. Today, engineers and architects need to redefine the passage of physical barriers. This creates challenges and opportunities for future bridges to become sustainable and economically optimized in urban areas. FEM-Design offers the right capabilities to deal with these applications by a state-of-the-art static and dynamic finite element analysis with an integrated structural design and API.

About the speakers

Shaho Ruhani

Shaho Ruhani
Market Development & Technical Specialist
Phone: +46 70 03 85 104

I am working with market development and as a technical specialist in bridge applications for FEM-Design. I have 3+ years of experience in the bridge- and civil engineering industry as a consultant. I am specialized in troubleshooting within finite element analysis and providing coaching to professional bridge engineers through webinars, coaching, and technical courses. Naturally, my curiosity benefits my clients by providing innovative ideas and adding new perspectives to understanding the solutions.

Daniel Colmenares Herrera B

Daniel Colmenares Herrera
Researcher & Ph.D Candidate – KTH
Contact details 

I am working as a researcher in bridge dynamics focused on footbridge dynamics and human-structure interaction at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). I am a Licentiate Ph.D. finishing the full Ph.D. at KTH 2023 focused on the developments of the current state of art design guidelines of footbridges. I am specialized in Experimental Structural Dynamics (EMA), modal updating techniques, and signal processing and random vibrations. At KTH, we focus on producing high-quality research that impacts the current design engineering practice based on the theory that is proposed and supported by our models and measurements.

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