This spring, StruSoft travels throughout Finland to host live seminars and meet customers and structural engineers interested in our software. We will be present between 4-12th of April in six locations, starting with Espoo and travelling to Turku, Tampere, Kouvola, Oulu, and Vaasa.

We are happy to travel and meet everyone in person again. So if you’re interested in our solutions or an existing customer and want to say hello, please join us by registering at the event of your choice using this link.

Live seminars agenda

Data Model Handling

FEM-Design v21 Release News - Export to IFC

Data model and analysis model are two concepts constructed very differently. Therefore, full automation from the data model to the analysis model is impossible due to the nature of these models. However, some solutions can help with this problem. You are welcome to listen to how you can use IFC, SAF, Revit, Tekla data models in our analysis software.

Prefabricated Concrete Frame Analysis

Finland Live Seminars - Prefabricated Concrete Frame Analysis

The secret of a correctly done prefab building structural analysis lies at the core of the FEM-Design analysis engine. You can freely define connections between elements and even non-linear connections. The challenges in prefab analysis are connection behaviour and connection checks and reporting. This session will go through the solutions to prefab building calculations.

Concrete, Timber, and Steel Design

Live Seminars Finland April 2022 - Concrete, Timber, Steel Design

Among the benefits offered by our software, you can find the input of rebars in the analysis model, complete fire design for timber, concrete, CLT, steel and composite, and, of course, ease of use. Furthermore, close co-operation between factories like Peikko and CLT factories makes our software very practical and easy to apply to real practical problems.

Meet the speakers

Joni Hytönen

Joni has 15 years of experience in structural analysis. He is a technical software specialist. Joni works in the Espoo office. Reach him at:

Juha Laitinen

Juha is a sales manager with over 30 years of experience in the Finland construction software industry. You might know Juha beforehand already. Juha works in the Espoo office. Reach him at:

Markus Mitikka

Markus is a technical customer coach. He has solid experience in concrete design and structural engineering and is a long-time fan of our software. Markus assists customers in using our software solutions to solve practical engineering challenges. He works in the Oulu area. Reach him at:

Mikael Van De Leur

Mikael is a global sales manager at StruSoft AB. He has 35 years of experience in engineering software. Mikael started his career at StruSoft when FEM-Design was introduced. He is also co-owner at Strusoft and works in the Stockholm office. Reach him at:

Joona Veteläinen

Joona is a sales representative, with responsibilities also in marketing. He creates technical content for our marketing channels, working in market development. In addition, Joona is responsible for StruSoft’s new online training platform for FEM-Design. He works in the Oulu office. Reach him at:

Road trip schedule

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