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Foundation Design

The Foundation Design Module is the perfect addition to your FEM-Design 3D Structure program if you want to add geotechnical checks directly to your documentation report. 

Isolated and wall foundations

Automatic checks for:

  • Soil bearing
  • Soil sliding
  • Settlement utilization
  • Insulation check

Beam foundations with concrete slab

You can define typical beam foundations under a concrete slab. There are 2 ways you can do this: 

you can have the concrete slab interact with the soil and transfer loads directly, or you can assume that the slab is only distributing the loads to the beams, which are the only ones that interact with the soil. In this example, we are analyzing the latter, where the beams are the ones that transfer the loads to the soil

Add the 3D Soil module to consider varying bedding modulus and use it to study soil plasticity

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