At the two development centers in Malmö and Budapest, we are developing our four main product lines FEM-Design, WIN-Statik, IMPACT and VIP-Energy.


FEM-Design is an advanced modelling software for FE-analysis and design of load-bearing concrete, steel and timber structures.


WIN-Statik is a suite of powerful and easy to use applications for common design tasks such as beams, columns or frames.


IMPACT is an open database-driven system for modelling and production of concrete precast elements. Includes a reinforcement module (IMPACT Reinforcement) that can be used stand-alone.


VIP-Energy is a suite of software for simulation of the entire building energy balance. With a good mix of structural and software engineers, we develop intuitive tools with high quality for the practical usage, always in close contact and co-operation with our users.


For further information about our Product Development, please contact Håkan Hansson, Vice President, Development