Enabling project management and IFC in the building industry.

BIMcontact help building industries to improve the project workflow, optimal utilization of resources, online handling of documents including IFC files and reaching project deadlines on time.


All information is kept in a single location without compromising security, provided any time, anywhere access and ability to share the information easily and act as the nerve center when it comes to planning, communication and collaboration.


BIMcontact is a web-based application and can be used on Windows, Mac, Smart Phones and Pads using most common web-readers like Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.


BIMcontact offers two different modules: 


BIMcontact Base; An ideal solution to manage tasks, contacts, internal communications and files related to projects including IFC and component objects used by BIM modelling tools. BIMcontact Base also comes with Metadata & Smart folders for file handling, briefing board & message centre for increased communication and calendar for effective project related meetings.


BIMcontact Extended; In addition to the features included in BIMcontact Base, it is suitable for companies that are looking for project collaboration, activity planning, Gantt charts, resource management and time tracking through online, desktop & mobile interfaces. BIMcontact Extended provides cost management of activities and comes with the entire gamut of project management.


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