New geotechnical module 3D Soil

Nov 08  |  2013

New geotechnical module gives more accurate view of settlements

Building stresses are usually analyzed in detail, while the foundation is modeled with springs to simulate the underlying soil deformation. These springs - which are often assumed to have the same characteristics over the entire foundation, does not give a true picture of how the soil reacts to the loads.

With FEM-Design 3D Soil, the different soil layers can be defined to create a 3 dimensional soil volume, which is analyzed simultaneously with the overlying structure. This is an innovative way to take into account the soil deformation and thus obtain a proper stiffness analysis and cumulative load calculation.

The FEM-Design module is developed by StruSoft. Lars Johansson - geotechnical specialist, has been a major contributor in the development of the module, which transcends geotechnical and structural design.

"The module is a unique innovation that is not on the market today. This may change both the methodology and approaches to assess the building settlement. Geotechnical properties can not be represented by the springs properly, states Lars. FEM-Design 3D Soil models soil with 3D finite element and becomes a construction material like concrete, steel, wood or other materials. The analysis combines these materials in a single calculation.This gives a much more accurate view of soil deformation", concludes Lars.

Check the video demonstration and for more information, contact us.