A new update for PRE-Stress is available

Mar 17  |  2014

Fire calculation is now added to PRE-Stress

In the newest version of PRE-Stress 6.4.000 it is now possible to calculate fire according to EuroCode EN1992-2 for all sections and according to EN1168 for hollow-core elements. Read more on how to include fire design into your PRE-Stress calculations here.

In the new version, an updated and more intelligent manual is introduced that displays the correct page depending on where in the program you are, to instantly give the user correct help!

From version 6.4 there will be no more support for the old national codes. Version 6.3 will be the last version using the old codes and will still be available in StruSoft Installer and can be installed side by side with 6.4.

IMPACT-users will be pleased to now find an overview-sheet for a quick summary of the calculated elements.

All changes can as usual be found in the release notes on StruSoft Installer.

All customers with a running maintenance agreement can as usual install the programs from StruSoft Installer, or contact your local IT-department. A new license file has been prepared for you so be sure to update it!

New customers can contact local sales representative for a good offer: PRE-Stress Sales

New program version:

  PRE-Stress    ver. 6.4.000     2014-03-17